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Drive the teeth close to the stump and turn on the machine. Raise the cutting wheel of the grinder a few inches above the front edge of the stump with the brake lever. Turn on the spinning cutting wheel and slowly lower it onto the stump.

To remove Kathleen stumps, way easy FL small

Allow it to gnaw at the surface with sideways treecutter.pwg: Kathleen FL. Drill Holes in the Stump Cut off as much of the top of the stump as possible with your chainsaw.

Use a 1-inch spade bit with a spade bit extension to drill evenly spaced holes roughly every 6 to 8 inches around the perimeter of the stump. Make the holes about 12 Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Use a hand saw, reciprocation saw or chainsaw to sever the major roots from the stump. Pull the stump out with a tow strap and vehicle. For smaller stumps, you can use a digging bar to pry the stump out. A handyman jack works great as well. Fill the hole with dirt and dispose of the treecutter.pwted Reading Time: 9 mins.

May 28, Place the metal barrel over the stump. Ensure it is open on both ends so the top of the stump can be viewed through the top of the barrel. Fill the gap between the stump and barrel with firewood or charcoal and use your fire starter to ignite.

The reason for the barrel is it keeps the heat treecutter.pwg: Kathleen FL. Apr 22, Soften the Stump. A commercial stump remover or plain ole saltpeter (aka potassium nitrate) will soften the wood and make it amenable to a slow and thorough burn. Using a drill with a 1-inch bit eight to twelve inches long, drill deep holes in the top of the stump spaced three to four inches apart in all treecutter.pwg: Kathleen FL.

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