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Feed your ficus a balanced all-purpose liquid fertilizer such as during the growing.

smaller landscapes than most other Ficus trees. It grows to about 35 feet in years. University of Florida, Gainesville FL Ficus rubiginosa-- Rusty Fig Page 2 DESCRIPTION Figure 2. Shaded area represents potential planting range. The cultivar ‘Variegata’ has leaves variegated with cream-yellow.

Propagation is by cuttings or File Size: KB. Jun 21, A: After talking to you about bringing a sample in a sealed plastic bag to the office, I was able to determine they were most likely weeping fig thrips, Gynaikohrps uzeli.

Since the plants at your nursery were originally brought in from South Florida, it was important for me to notify the Florida Division of Plant Industry plant inspector about spotting this insect treecutter.pwted Reading Time: 1 min.

Feb 26, Best offers for your Garden - Are the Leaves Falling Off My Ficus Tree? In the wild, ficus can grow up to 60 feet Missing: Gainesville FL. When this happens, the leaves often fall off yellow like those above.

Solving the Problem The easiest solution to a sickly ficus tree like this is to throw it out and replace it with one of its easy-to-grow relatives, like fiddleleaf fig (Ficus lyrata), rubber plant (Ficus elastica), or"Alii' banana leaf fig (Ficus maclellandii 'Alii').Missing: Gainesville FL.

May 13, This looks like tiny black dots on the backs of the leaves of the tree.

You bought it at a greenhouse and brought it home.

The leaves may turn yellow and fall off. Remove the diseased leaves and spray with Benlate (follow the instructions exactly). Do not mist the leaves. How to solve it: Apply sulfur sprays or copper-based fungicides weekly at the first sign of disease to prevent its spread.

And in your house, it finds dimmer light and lower humidity than in the greenhouse.

These organic fungicides will not kill leaf spot but prevent the Missing: Gainesville FL. Ficus elastica - University of Florida. Ficus elastica Figure 1. Young Rubber Tree. Rubber Tree1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville FL Ficus elastica-- Rubber Tree Page 2 Crown density: dense Figure 2.

Dec 06, If the leaves are turning yellow and falling off, this is an indication that it isn't getting enough water, so increase the frequency of watering. Ficus are susceptible to scale, which are insects Missing: Gainesville FL. Feb 25, FICUS (Ficus benjamina) -- One of the most destructive trees in South Florida, it has shallow roots and a dense canopy, making it a prime blow.

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