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Late spring and early summer are the best periods to take.

Sep 28, A few weeks ago I took some cuttings from my lemon tree and now its time to see if I've got new plants! Sep 21, Dip the bottom inch of the cutting into tepid water and then rooting hormone powder to coat it. Slide 1/3 of the cutting into the hole and firm the soil around the cutting to secure it upright.

Slide two dowels into the soil on either side of the pot and tent over them with a clean, clear plastic bag to create a mini-greenhouse. Jun 03, Dip the end of the cutting to be rooted in rooting hormone; Put the end to be rooted into a small pot of damp soiless mix. Wrap the whole pot and cutting in a plastic bag. Tie off the top but make sure the plastic is not touching the cutting at all. Place the pot in a warm spot that gets indirect light.

Do not put in full sunlight. Mar 17, This saves the remained rooting hormones in the bottle from the risk of contamination.

Cover the cutting’s end You only need to dip the clone’s end into the rooting hormone, about 1 inch in depth. You don’t cover the whole cutting with the rooting stimulant. Use proper concentration. Apr 26, How to Root Passion Flower Cuttings. Stem cuttings are normally taken during the softwood stage, when they can break off easily when bent.

Use a sharp pair of pruners and clip off about 4- to 6-inch ( cm.) cuttings just below the node. Strip off the bottom-most leaves and tendrils and then dip the ends in rooting hormone.

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