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Sep 21, Citrus trees are a tropical tree that thrives in warm, mild climates. While citrus trees will thrive on their own without any additional pruning, occasionally branches must be pruned.

Young citrus is more susceptible to freezes than mature plants and can benefit from extra protection in the first few years.

The best time of year for pruning citrus is early spring, before the tree begins growing again. Examine the tree and determine which branches require pruning. Dec 15, The only pruning necessary for most citrus is removing crossing or rubbing branches while shaping young trees, removing dead wood, and pruning out suckers from the root-stock. Homeowners may choose to prune citrus trees to keep them small, but this will reduce potential yield in a commercial setting, since bigger trees produce more treecutter.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Nov 20, Mature citrus trees do not require pruning except to remove serious disease or freeze damage. Unnecessary pruning often will reduce fruit production. When citrus are young, fertilizer will stimulate vigorous growth of leaves and branches.

Feb 04, Pinching off any suckers (new growth) springing from the trunk or branches. If raising the canopy and the height of the fruit is desired, we start by pruning any branches and shoots that face downward.

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If the center of the tree is dense and brushy we will trim some branches from inside the canopy. Dec 05, Let’s explore the basics of citrus tree pruning. How and When to Prune Citrus Trees. Major citrus tree pruning, which controls the size of the tree, should be done after risk of freeze has passed, but well in advance of summer heat.

Otherwise, uncontrolled growth results in a tree that is less vigorous and uses water less efficiently. You may need to prune the center of the tree if it is Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Mar 05, The best time to prune a citrus tree is mid to late March.

I did this just the other day on a sycamore in my yard that I suspected of being dead.

Do not prune after September to reduce encouraging late growth. Young, tender growth produced late in the season is more susceptible to cold injury. As the tree matures and slows down in growth, it Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Apr 17, Whenever you have pruners in hand is a fine time to prune citrus, with a couple of exceptions.

One, if there is immature fruit on the tree, you might want to wait until after harvest. Dec 14, Occasional Thinning. Once a year in the mid to late spring, before the citrus tree has started to produce flowers, inspect the canopy density of the citrus tree. If you see areas where the. Mar 29, Prune in the mid to late-spring if you are in a colder climate.

A citrus tree in a colder area will need all of its foliage, even the dead branches, to provide a frost barrier. Waiting until the late spring also means that any new growth that develops from your cuts will avoid the ravages of 48K. Jun 22, The more a citrus tree is pruned the less fruit it will produce. Removing all or half of long errant branches can falling snow cherry tree, Winter Park FL done at any time but heavy pruning should be avoided.

If more extensive pruning must be done try to trim back as far as tolerable so the process can be avoided for the next few years.

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